In Memory of Lt. Brenda Cowan

Friday afternoon, the 13th of February 2004, Lt. Brenda Cowan, a 12 year veteran of the Division of Fire & Emergency Services, was slain on duty. Lt. Cowan was hit by gunfire while responding to an emergency medical assistance call on Adams Lane in rural Fayette County. Lt. Cowan's promotion was just celebrated at the Fire Training Center Tuesday, the 10th of February 2004. This was her first duty day following the promotion ceremony. Her years of service with the Division of Fire have been marked by her kindness, her ready smile and cheerful demeanor, and her eagerness to help her fellow man. She has consistently set an example of the high standards of service expected of - and delivered by - her peers. Lt. Cowan is sorely missed.

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Music by:  Ari Hest                                                                     Produced by Ryan Worthen